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Having dental insurance is one of the most significant factors that will affect your overall health. Prevention is key, without prevention in the long run you may end up paying more money to reverse the damage that you may have been able to prevent. PPO dental insurance significantly lowers the costs of appointments and procedures. Preferred provider plans, also known as, PPO insurance allows you to choose your own dental care provider from a list of “preferred” dentist and oral specialists contracted from the insurance companies’ network. This type of network includes a contract fee for their services when you choose to see one of these “preferred” dental care providers. This fee allows you to pay a small cost out of pocket for your visit. Keep in mind that, to insure that prices stay at a low rate insurance companies contract specific dental providers. If you do choose to use a dental provider out of your insurances network it will be at a higher cost rate. On the upside, PPO is a more flexible arrangement than many other plans because the plan will pay some of the costs if you choose to visit a provider outside of the insurances network.

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