Discount Heath Plan

Deluxe Plus Plan - As a member you will gain access to reduced rates from our nationwide network of providers and facilities.

Minimize your Health Care Expenses with the Deluxe Plus Plan and savings on Physician/Hospital services, Chiropractic Care, Dental Care, Vision Care, Prescriptions, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Hearing Services, Vitamins and Supplements, Better Living Now Services, and TelaDoc.

  • Save 10% to 50% on Dental Care Expenses.
  • 336,000 doctors and over 2,700 hospitals participating in the U.S.
  • Save from 5% - 30% on your medical bills.
  • Prescription Savings at over 53,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.
  • Discounts of 5% to 15% on Medical Supplies and Equipment and More!

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