Group Dental Insurance

Capitation Dental Plans - HMO
A capitation dental insurance plan (such as a dental HMO) is an arrangement where a dentist (or dentists, dental office, dental clinic, etc...) is contracted to provide dental treatment for the dental plan's enrolled members. The provider dentist is paid, usually monthly, a fixed amount per individual who has chosen them to provide their dental treatment. In return it is the dentist's obligation is to provide any and all needed dental treatment for these individuals (as specified by the conditions of the dental plan) during this time frame.

Dental Preferred Provider Organizations - PPO
are a "closed panel" type of dental insurance plan. The insurance company contracts with dentists so to form a network of treatment providers. As a part of the negotiation with the dental insurance company the dentist, in return for being included in the network and hopefully receiving an increased patient load, has agreed to discount their fees. The covered members of the dental plan must select from this list of network providers when choosing a dentist.

Exclusive Provider Organization - EPOs
Exclusive Provider Organizations (dental EPO's) are another form of "closed panel" dental insurance plan. They are similar in nature to dental PPO's with the exception that you are offered no option other than receiving your dental treatment from a dentist who is a member of the dental insurance company's network of providers.

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Group Dental Insurance

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