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Small Business Retirement Plans
Are you finding it difficult to hire new staff or keep your existing staff? Many business are small businesses are finding that employees are not only interested in salary and health benefits, but retirement plans as well. Employees are much more concerned with the long term than in the past. Just as you are concerned for your future and retirement, they to share that in common with you. There are several options for small business retirement plans that may work for your business. An IRA is the most basic sort of retirement arrangement. People tend to think of an IRA as something that just individuals do (hence the “I” in IRA). But an employer can help its employees to set up and fund their IRAs. With an IRA, what the employee gets at retirement depends on the funding of their IRA and the earnings (or income) on those funds. An IRA is essentially a “no fuss, no muss” situation. The IRA-based plans range from one with little employer involvement to ones that the employer establishes and funds.